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Picture Perfect 3D Product Services

Detailed 3D models to develop photorealistic product images and animations. Spend less with 30% OFF your first project.

Limited Time Only

1-Week Turnaround

Don't wait to show your customers new products. My projects are completed in one week or less.

3D Modeling

Create digital representation of your product with high-quality images and animations.

3D Texturing

Add realistic textures, colors, and materials to 3D models to impress customers and increase sales.

Silo Rendering

Showcase products with clean backgrounds that highlight unique features for e-commerce and marketing content.

Spin & Product Animation

Demonstrate product's unique features and benefits with animated videos.

Lifestyle Rendering

Showcase products in a real-world setting for specific lifestyles or target markets.


Combine multiple images of products into one seamless image for eye-catching product images.

Essentials For Your Goals

Get started, and keep going! Don't wait to show your customers new and existing products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create animations of my product?

Yes, I offer product animation services. Please reach out or check out my main site for a portfolio.

How much does 3D modeling and rendering cost?

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the project, but I provide a detailed quote before starting any work.

What is your revision policy?

I offer a limited number of revisions per project, and work closely with my clients to ensure their satisfaction on schedule.

How do I provide feedback during the project?

I provide regular updates during the project including our Check-in Call, and you can provide feedback at any time via email.

Can you work from existing product designs or do you require new designs to be created?

I can work from existing designs or create new ones as needed.

What type of 3D modeling software do you use?

I use industry-standard software Blender as my primary 3D tool, being able to import and export all 3D formats. I'm familiar with Cinema 4D and Spline, but use them rarely on a project per project basis.

How do I get started with a 3D modeling and rendering project?

You can contact me to discuss your project and receive a detailed quote. I'll work with you to determine your needs and goals and create a project plan that meets your expectations.

How long does it typically take to complete a 3D modeling and rendering project?

I offer a 1-week timeline on all mid-level and lower projects. Projects involving animation varies depending on the project's complexity, but I provide a timeline estimate during the quoting process.

What type of files will I receive after the project is completed?

I can provide various file types such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, OBJ, and STL, among others.

Can you create multiple views or variations of my product in the same project?

Yes, I can create multiple views and variations of your product in the same project.

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Spring Packages

Upgrade your product photography with hyper-detailed 3D products. Create standout social content and boost sales with ease.

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Get 30% OFF

Your First Project

Upgrade your product photography with hyper-detailed 3D products. Create standout social content and boost sales with ease.

The 30% off promotion is valid from the start of the promotion period until 11:59 PM EST on May 31st, 2023. The promotion can only be used once for first time customers and cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts, or coupons. The discount is only applicable to eligible products and will be applied at checkout. The promotion is only available to residents of the United States who are 18 years or older. The promotion is not redeemable for cash and is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. The company reserves the right to refuse any promotion or discount if it believes that the promotion is being abused or misused. By using the promotion, customers agree to these terms and conditions. The discount can only be used on the company's official website and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. The company's decision regarding any aspect of the promotion is final and binding. Any questions regarding the promotion should be directed to the company's customer service department. The promotion is not transferable and is void where prohibited by law.

Choose the package that's right for you.

Save big with this limited-time offer!

Enjoy 30% OFF on your project quote.




Essentials for growing your business and store.

This package allows up to six products. All Basic services are included plus... 360° spin animation to show off every angle, and unique product animation to teach customers the technical aspects of your product.

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Advanced features for your unique brand.

This package allows up to nine products. Handpick any services including... Lifestyle rendering, placing any product in its natural environment, and image compositing to add products into the photos you love and mockups you've acquired.

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With all the basics for new stores.

This package allows up to three products. After modeling and texturing, you'll receive a photorealistic digital copy, in your preferred 3D format. Get all the angles you need with silo renderings, 4 - 10 angles are recommended per product.

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